Masonic Embroidery Kilt Hose

These Masonic emblemed socks are ideal for wearing with your kilt to any masonic event.


Kilt hose have specific features which are all embodied in this product, and add to the comfort and wear characteristics of these socks.

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Budget Classic
Material Blend
Pattern Embroidered

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Gaelic Themes is the world's largest producer of Clan Crest products, as well as a large range of top quality Highland Dress and other traditional Scottish products. The company goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the originality and quality of its products and their seal of quality is your guarantee of satisfaction. Gaelic Themes holds the exclusive licensing rights to the official Clan Crest designs depicted in the latest Harper Collins Clan Encyclopaedia by Way and Squire and approved by the clan chiefs and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

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