Silver Plated Celtic Quaich

This quaich has all the charms and sheen of a pure silver quaich, but at a fraction of the cost.
Dimensions 2" (D 50mm x H 25mm) 3" (D 80mm x H 35mm) 4" (D 100mm x H 45mm) 5" (D 130mm x H 55mm) 6" (D 155mm x H 65mm) 8" (D 200mm x H 85mm)
Budget Luxury
Material Silver
Emblem Celtic design
  • Subtly engraved handles
  • Quality silver plating
  • Various sizes
  • Optional Presentation Box
  • Exquisitely detailed

A traditional Highland cup, used by chiefs to both welcome and bid farewell to their guests, this quaich is beautiful and traditional. The word quaich comes from the Gaelic "cuach" for cup and is traditionally used to serve whisky or brandy. Sir Walter Scott was famous for dispensing wee drams to his guests in silver inlaid quaichs.

Whether you plan to welcome guests to your home with a bit of warming whisky, or even if you just appreciate the fine traditionalism, this subtly elegant, silver plated quaich is a superb addition to any home.

Quaichs make very beautiful and unusual gifts and nothing makes a gift so why not add a satin lined presentation box?

Tradition of the Quaich

quiach /kwex/ pronounced: kw-ay-ch
derived from Gaelic cuach 'cup'

It is hard to guess from its appearance exactly what a quaich is. Indeed, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was a small decorative bowl with little other purpose, beyond being aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the quaich has a much more interesting beginning than that of a posh ornament.

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