Rough Drinking Horn With Stand

A stunning drinking horn and stand made entirely from organic materials.

Dimensions 11" x 3" (28cm x 8cm) approx.
Budget Standard
Material Oxhorn
  • Hand Crafted since 1749
  • Manufactured using Traditional Methods
  • Finest Quality Traditional Hornware
  • Made in the UK
  • Completely Natural Products

Inspired by those used in medieval times, the Rough Drinking Horn is an unusual but enjoyable way to enjoy your favourite pint. Complete with a horn stand, this unique drinking vessel makes for an excellent feature piece.

No two drinking horns are ever the same. As these products are made from natural materials there will be some variation in colour and markings, guaranteeing a unique product every time.

No cruelty is involved in the making of this product. All raw materials are sourced from ethical sources, as a by-product which could otherwise be wasted.

Abbeyhorn prides itself on producing high quality goods using traditional methods. Every piece is handcrafted by one of their small team of five or so skilled hornworkers and every piece takes time. It can take up to 6 months for a product to be completed from purchase to the day it arrives in the post but the quality of these products is definitely worth the wait.

Tradition of the Quaich

quiach /kwex/ pronounced: kw-ay-ch
derived from Gaelic cuach 'cup'

It is hard to guess from its appearance exactly what a quaich is. Indeed, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was a small decorative bowl with little other purpose, beyond being aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the quaich has a much more interesting beginning than that of a posh ornament.

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About Abbeyhorn

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In 1749 The Humpherson family founded the horn works in Bewdley, when horn carving was prolific. Working techniques have changed very little over the centuries, it is one of the things that defines Abbeyhorn – "handmade using traditional techniques". All raw materials are sourced from ethical sources, as a by-product which could otherwise be wasted.

The business is now happily settled in the little Village of Holme, in the heart of Northern England just on the cusp of the Lake District. It has produced props for Vikings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.

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