Heritage and Culture

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

By Sophie

One of the most iconic Edinburgh institutions, this sellout event occurs annually and marks the opening of the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A mixture of music, dance and precision display with pipes and drums, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is not something to be missed. No Military Tattoo would be complete without Massed Military Bands, cultural troupes, singers and the iconic Lone Piper against a stunning Edinburgh Castle backdrop.

The most notable thing about Edinburgh's Military Tattoo is that it is very much a gathering of global scale. The talents of musicians and performers who have traveled from all over the world are showcased in this memorable event.

Keeping things fresh, every Military Tattoo is different. Embracing a different theme every year, the organisers go all out to make every one unique. From nature and creativity to Scotland's homecoming, there have been a whole range of concepts throughout the years.

With more than 14 million people attending, there is an impressive annual audience of around 220,000! The Tattoo is also aired live on international television, which means that around 100 million people tune in to feel a part of this spectacular event.

With Scotland's weather being so unpredictable, the Military Tattoo can proudly boast that no single performance of the Tattoo has ever been canceled.

If you aren't visiting Edinburgh this year for the Tattoo, then make sure you turn on your TV and tune in for a slice of the atmosphere. Until you do, get excited with some images of the Tattoo taken in previous years.