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The Charm of Love

The Charm of Love
By Sophie

A Luckenbooth brooch is a Scottish heart-shaped brooch, often with a crown above one heart, or two intertwined hearts. The brooches are typically made of silver, and are sometimes engraved or set with stones. In the past, for the wealthier customer, Luckenbooth brooches would have been made with gold, however silver ones were common 'lucky' charms and affordable to those who were poorer.

A traditional Scottish love token, the Luckenbooth brooch would have been given as a betrothal or wedding brooch, from husband to wife, on their wedding day. It would then be pinned to the clothing of the couple's first baby to ward off evil spirits and protect them from being stolen by fairies.

The name Luckenbooth comes from the Luckenbooths of Edinburgh, where jewellery and trinkets were sold, including this type of brooch. Situated on the Royal Mile, near St Giles Cathedral, the stalls were the city's first permanent shops. Dating back to the 15th century, the stalls housed silversmiths and goldsmiths. To this day, if you walk down the royal mile and pass St Giles Cathedral, you can visit pop-up jewellery stalls. Although, not the original stalls, tourists can still get a feel for how the city would have felt with the presence of such jewellers.

Luckenbooth is a Scottish word meaning 'a lockable stall' or 'workshop', and from here the famous Luckenbooth brooch gained it's name as well as it's reputation.

Legend has it that Mary Queen of Scots gifted a Luckenbooth brooch to Lord Darnley as a symbol of her love and devotion, however other stories state that she was given the brooch as an engagement brooch from Dauphin of France, whom she later married. Either way, the Luckenbooth brooch has become a symbol of love in Scotland, and remains so today.

The Luckenbooth remains a very popular wedding gift with many Scots, and Scottish descendants around the world, who purchase the brooch as a symbol of Scottish tradition and good luck.

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