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Tartan Tuesdays - Scottish Islamic Tartan

Tartan Tuesdays - Scottish Islamic Tartan
By Sophie

Forget Throwback Thursdays. Here, at Scotweb, we're doing Tartan Tuesdays!

With Eid al Fitr coming up this week, what better tartan to begin with than the Scottish Islamic Tartan?


The concept of the Scottish Islamic Tartan was developed, after consultations and advice were sought from leading Islamic Scholars, by Dr Azeem Ibrahim. He worked with our top tartan designers, at DC Dalgliesh, to create this powerful design, which represents the connection between Scotland and Islam.

The blue represents the Scottish flag and green represents the colour of Islam. The five white lines, that run through the pattern, represent the five pillars of Islam. Six gold lines represent the six articles of faith, and the black square represents the holy Kabah.

Islam and Scotland, a history of the connection

From as far back as the middle ages, Islam and Scotland have been connected. Throughout the centuries Scots travelled to India, Malaya and Nigeria as merchants and civil servants. Muslims also travelled to Scotland as seamen and servants. To begin with, these travellers would only stay in Scotland as long as their boat was in port. As the 19th century approached, however, many Muslim travellers began to stay in Scotland and look for other work. Jobs such as Pedalling became popular and drapery goods would be sold from door to door.

As this trade became more established, families and friends began to make the move to Scotland. As more families became a part of this growing business, the settlement of Musilms in Scotland was further cemented. As the 70s approached a large number of other professions were followed.

These Days

These days there are over 60,000 Muslims living in Scotland. Islam is one of the largest religions. There are Muslims living in every Scottish city, who participate in every part of Scottish life.

Muslims have such a large connection to, and involvement with, Scottish life and culture. The Scottish Islamic Tartan is a beautiful way to celebrate this powerful link between Islam and Scotland.

Here at Scotweb we wish everyone a happy Eid al Fitr!

Eid Mubarak!