The Wackiest Scottish Traditions in History

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Today we're looking at some of the wackiest Scottish traditions. From Haggis Hurling to Coal Carrying us Scots know how to keep a weird tradition going, no matter how strange. Test your knowledge and see how many of these you know.

The Beltane Fire Festival

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On the 30th April, the annual Beltane Fire Festival will take place. Dancers with fire in their hands and lashings of paint on their bodies, will take the annual journey, up Calton Hill in Edinburgh, to celebrate the beginning of the summer season.

A Christmas Tradition

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Did you know that in Scotland, Christmas was banned for nearly 400 years? This offers an explanation as to why we are so well equipped for our New Years celebrations, without having so many old Scottish Christmas traditions. The most interesting fact about current Scottish Christmas traditions, is that they haven't been around for very long, however there are many traditions before the ban came in to place.

A Scottish Halloween

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Halloween is here, take a look at our list of spooky Scottish Halloween traditions and games to get yourself in the spirit.