A Tale of the Ancient Crannogs

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Never heard of a Crannog before? We love these ancient water dwellings and made it our mission to find out more...

The Story of Fast Castle

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Last weekend we took a trip to the gorgeous Berwickshire countryside. We stopped to get our fix of Scottish history at Fast Castle, the ruined remains of a coastal fortress. Upon first sight, this dramatic location brings up all sorts of questions. From who once lived within Fast Castle's walls, to why and how it had come to be in this gruesome state.

Hello to our new Clan Crest Products!

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We take a look at our new Clan Crest Range! Perfect for wedding and graduation gifts, these Clan Crest products are perfect, with a personal touch of heritage.

Christmas Dinner, Scots Style!

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With Christmas coming, it's never to early to prepare! Here in Scotland, Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the day. We go all out and ensure everyone is stuffed full to the brim. We take pride in celebrating this magical time of year, and this celebration of food is no different. What better time to start thinking about how you will dress your table to serve a traditional meal in true Scots style! Here, we look at 7 ways to add a touch of heritage to your Christmas dinner.

6 Ways To Introduce Tartan To Your Home

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It's a bit late in the year for a spring clean, but if you're looking for ways to update your interiors without the effort, look no further!

We're looking at 6 ways you can introduce tartan to your home.