A View with a Difference

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Travelling for 4,500 miles from the U.S, Erin Garrett was visiting Glencoe, in the Scottish Highlands, when she stopped to capture the stunning scenery. The majestic peak of Buachaile Etive Mor had caught her eye and she was set on taking a photo to capture the dramatic landscape.

As she whipped out her camera, a rather confident stag approached her and stuck his nose right in front of her lense.

Continuing her photoshoot, Erin captured a set of comical photographs as a result. As the stag becomes more confident, his face gets much closer to the camera, and looks to be smiling into the camera, his antlers obstructing the intended view behind him.

Garrett, who comes from Tulsa in Oklahoma, travels to Scotland every summer to explore and take photographs.

Sharing the amusing sequence of photos on facebook, she captioned it "Right - there's my piccy of Buachaille Etive Mor photobombed."

Garrett said: "It was the funniest thing the way that stag kept flirting with me. He even kissed me".

The Loch Ness International Knitting Festival

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As September draws to an end, the autumn months are well on their way. The air is cooling and it is the perfect time for warm knitted jumpers and cosy cashmere sweaters. It is also the perfect time for Loch Ness to hold it's annual International Knit Festival.