The Braemar Gathering - The Best Highland Games

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This week we're celebrating the Braemar Gathering! Take a look at this article for everything you need to know...

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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One of the most iconic Edinburgh institutions, this sellout event occurs annually and marks the opening of the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A mixture of music, dance and precision display with pipes and drums, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is not something to be missed. No Military Tattoo would be complete without Massed Military Bands, cultural troupes, singers and the iconic Lone Piper against a stunning Edinburgh Castle backdrop.

A Festival and Music and Malt

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From the 26th of May, on the beautiful island of Islay, a unique celebration of Malt and Music will take place!

The Heilan Coo - Did you know...?

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Today, we take a look at Scotland's arguably most famous resident - the Highland Cow. Known for their beautiful red coats and long horns, the highland cow has found itself with quite a reputation. Although this well loved creature is famously iconic, behind the image, there are a number of facts about this fascinating cow that you may not know:

Product of the Week - The Fly Plaid

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Last week, we talked about sashes. This week, we look at fly plaids and explore different ways to wear this impressive garment.