The Wackiest Scottish Traditions in History

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Today we're looking at some of the wackiest Scottish traditions. From Haggis Hurling to Coal Carrying us Scots know how to keep a weird tradition going, no matter how strange. Test your knowledge and see how many of these you know.

The Wild Haggis

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In this article we learn about the infamous Wild Haggis! Take a look for everything you need to know about this famous beast!

A Toast to the Haggis

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On the 25th of January, Scots around the world come together to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Robert Burns had a rare talent for expressing life through others' shoes and composed some of the world's most recognisable lines of poetry and song. His words have been cherished and recited for the past two centuries, in examples like promising to 'tak a cup o' kindness' with our neighbours as the new year bells chime.