'Jean' by Robert Burns

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Got a loved one you want to spoil this Valentines Day? When writing your card, why not take some inspiration from Robert Burns in his poem 'Jean'? Jean Armour was Robert Burn's wife, who he wrote many verses of poetry about over the years. In this one we see him declare his love for her:

The Charm of Love

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A Luckenbooth brooch is a Scottish heart-shaped brooch, often with a crown above one heart, or two intertwined hearts. The brooches are typically made of silver, and are sometimes engraved or set with stones. For the wealthier customer, Luckenbooth brooches would be made with gold, however silver was common among 'lucky' charms and affordable to those who were poorer.

The Gift Guide

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A selection of fabulous gift ideas for this month. Check out our new Harris Tweed Berneray range - featured here.