Charles Rennie Mackintosh - what you need to know

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a Scottish architect, designer and artist who is celebrated worldwide. He was born in 1868, in Glasgow, where a lot of his most important and significant work is still held.

Mackintosh began his journey by apprenticing for a local architect, John Hutchison. By 1889 he had moved on to Honeyman and Keppie, which was a larger and more established city practice. He also took some evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art, where he developed his talents in drawing. He used the School Library to look at architecture and design journals, which gave him a knowledge of current trends - both at home and world wide.

Tartan Tuesdays - Scottish Islamic Tartan

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Forget Throwback Thursdays. Here, at Scotweb, we're doing Tartan Tuesdays!

With Eid al Fitr coming up this week, what better tartan to begin with than the Scottish Islamic Tartan?