The Execution of Tom Aitkenhead

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This is the story of young Tom Aitkenhead. A Scottish medical student who, at 20 years old, was the last person in Britain to be executed for Blasphemy.

The Story of St Valentine

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The story of St Valentine is not one of love, in the way you might expect. Over the years, Valentines Day has been celebrated, under the assumption that St Valentine was the Saint of love, however history reveals a different story.

The world in which St Valentine lived, celebrated different values to today's society. Being a Roman Priest, he lived in a world where Claudias, the emperor, persecuted the church...

Eric Liddell

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In the summer of 1924, the Olympics were underway in Paris. As the flocks of tourists gathered excitedly to cheer on their Olympians, Eric Liddell was having an internal conflict. He had worked tirelessly, training daily, for this moment. He had dreamed of the day he would achieve a gold medal, while the world watched, and he would soon achieve this dream.