When Scotland Welcomes Christmas

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We've had Halloween and Bonfire Night, but now it's time to dust off the stockings, choose that tree and get ourselves prepared for the largest celebration of the year.

The Royal Highland Show

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This weekend, The Royal Highland Show will be held at Ingliston! A celebration of rural Scottish life, the show is not to be missed!

Happy Tartan Day!

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This Thursday, we will be celebrating Tartan Day. This celebration of Scottish heritage takes place on the 06th of April every year, as it is the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. Celebrations for Tartan Day include parades with pipe bands and highland dancers, as well as other Scottish-themed events...

St Patrick's Day

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On the 17th of March, the Irish and Irish-at-heart will don green attire, and shamrocks, and take to the pubs and bars to celebrate St Patrick's Day! From formal banquets and gatherings to street parades and pub trips, everyone celebrates this famous day differently. The concept, however, remains the same - to have fun and celebrate everything Irish!

St Piran's Day

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In a sea of Black, white and gold, Cornwall locals and visitors alike will march together in a procession to celebrate St Piran. This traditional march, held annually on the 5th March, sees participants parade across the sand dunes to St Piran's Oratory, and the later medieval church, while songs and stories of the saint are performed at different points along the journey.

A Toast to the Haggis

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On the 25th of January, Scots around the world come together to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Robert Burns had a rare talent for expressing life through others' shoes and composed some of the world's most recognisable lines of poetry and song. His words have been cherished and recited for the past two centuries, in examples like promising to 'tak a cup o' kindness' with our neighbours as the new year bells chime.

Celtic Connections

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If you're not quite ready to say goodbye to the winter months yet, then get yourself along to Celtic Connections in Glasgow! The largest annual winter music festival of its kind, Celtic Connections boasts an impressive celebration of Celtic music and its connections across the world. From the 19th of January to the 5th of February, musicians from around the globe travel in their thousands to descend on the city of Glasgow. Whether you're interested in taking part in a celtic-inspired art classes, learning some history at a scheduled talk, or simply observing Celtic musicians at their peak, Celtic connections offers something for everyone.

How the Scots do Hogmanay

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If you've ever spent Hogmanay in Edinburgh, you'll know there is nothing quite like it. No one celebrates Hogmanay quite like the Scots do, but in Edinburgh, we really show the rest of the world how it's done. For three days the city fills with flocks of tourists, ready to see the new year in with a bang. As you walk through the city there are gigs and events dotted throughout, all beckoning for your attention.

Tradition of the Ancient Fireball Ceremony

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Perhaps the most unique of all Hogmanay celebrations, is that of the ancient fireball ceremony in Stonehaven. The idyllic fishing town, a mere 16 miles south of Aberdeen, hosts its annual Fireball Ceremony. This ancient celebration, of fire acrobatics, sees 60 locals parade the town streets, swinging the heavy fire-balls above their heads.

St Andrews Day

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At this time of year, in Scotland, it's one large celebration. Us Scots don't pass up the chance for a party, and between the Christmas excitement, we also find time to celebrate St Andrews Day. Known as Scotland's national day, we hold a number of celebrations here. However it wasn't long before the rest of the world caught on, and St Andrew's day has become a worldwide celebration.