Our new house tartan

Our new house tartan
By Nick Fiddes 2 years ago 2257 Views 10 comments

Do you like our new tartan? As I write, this is a temporary computer-generated image from our tartan design systems. But a length of real plaid in this pattern is on the looms right now, so soon we'll be replacing this with a photo, in all its glory.

It's the first in our new Scotweb tartan family: called House of Merchiston. (Well, I live in a house, in the Merchiston district of Edinburgh, and it has a nice ring to it.)

We've been meaning to create our own 'house' tartan for, well, forever. So the launch of our new CLAN site seemed like a good opportunity to do it for real.

We wanted it to speak about our ideas and values, to be distinctive but also somehow familiar. It's unusual in using no fewer than six separate blue shades, blended into a harmonious whole. We hope you'll find it as beautiful as we do.

But it's also designed to be functional and practical. For the purposes of its first use, as a header tartan for this web site, it gives a nice solid background which is easy to read text over. But when we begin to make garments from it, we're confident it will also work well as a universal plaid that anyone can wear, to look great with a sophisticated discretion.

House of Merchiston Blue will be available for pre-order very soon! Make sure you're on our mailing list to keep in touch with this - and all our new developments.

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Ian Penman 2 years ago at 14:48
Love it!
meredith ryan 2 years ago at 15:16
ahh, you have succumbed to the facebook trend.

:::giggle, SNORT:::


are you red-green colour-blind?
Nick Fiddes 2 years ago at 16:18
Ha ha! Actually, it's more to do with blue being the colour of the Scottish flag. And we just wanted to create something we loved. Watch this space and you may see Merchiston House Red-Green in the future!
Andrea Steckerl 2 years ago at 16:24
Gorgeous! !!
Kathy 2 years ago at 17:19
Pretty plaid. Should look nice made into a kilt.
Hannah T Gregorio 2 years ago at 22:31
Lovely job on that! Blue is my favorite color. Won't it look smashing with a sprig of Heather and thistle :)
Meg Kimpton 2 years ago at 22:39
Your new tartan is simply beautiful. Is it sturdy enough to upholster with?
Nick Fiddes 2 years ago at 06:53
Hi Meg, glad you like it too! So far we've woven one piece in DC Dalgliesh 'lightweight' wool (11oz) which has passed rub tests as commercial grade robustness (over 50,000 rubs) which means it's fine for upholstery. We can of course weave any tartan in any fabric on demand anyway!
bvsg 2 years ago at 06:02
I absolutely love it: A harmony of blues. Easy to use in various ways.

Yes you'd better come up with a green, but I can't quite see how one in 6 shades of red would work. Different shades of red often jar with one another. Reds like to stand alone
George Cooper 2 years ago at 15:09
Excellent - very classy