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'Jean' by Robert Burns

'Jean' by Robert Burns
By Sophie

Got a loved one you want to spoil this Valentines Day? When writing your card, why not take some inspiration from Robert Burns in his poem 'Jean'? Jean Armour was Robert Burn's wife, who he wrote many verses of poetry about over the years. In this one we see him declare his love for her:

Of a' the airts the wind can blaw,
I dearly like the west,
For there the bonie lassie lives,
The lassie I lo've best:
There's wild woods grow, and rivers row,
And mony a hill between;
But day and night my fancy's flight
Is ever wi' my Jean.

I see her in the dewy flowers,
I see her sweet and fair:
I hear her in the tunefu' birds,
I hear her charm the air:
There's not a bonie flower that springs
By fountain, shaw, or green,
There's not a bonie bird that sings,
But minds me o' my Jean.