Folklore Friday - The Old Man of Storr

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The Old Man of Storr is a 50 meter high geological formation that defies the imagination. Throughout the centuries, the land has continued to slip away around it, leaving this impressive rock formation.

Legend has it that giants roamed the highlands and islands of ancient Scotland. One day, a giant fell dead on the Isle of Skye. Most of his body was covered in earth, however his thumb was left exposed.This would come to be known as the Old Man of Storr, named after the giant.

The word 'Storr' in Norse means 'great man' and this is where the name comes from.

Another version of the story is that a man and his wife were running away from some giants when they stopped and turned to look at them. As a result of this, they were turned to stone, thus creating the formation that we know as the 'Old Man of Storr'.

A third version of the story, and perhaps our favourite, is a tale of love and respect. A villager, known by the name of O'Sheen, once saved the life of a Brownie (a mythical household spirit). When he was asked what he would like in return for saving their life, he replied that he wanted nothing. The two became great friends. After a time, O'Sheen's wife passed away. When the Brownie was away, one day, O'Sheen died of a broken heart. When the Brownie returned and learned of his friend's death he carved two great standing stones. A small one for O'Sheen's wife and a larger one for O'Sheen. This became known as the Old Man of Storr.