Folklore Friday - The Headless Drummer of Edinburgh Castle

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Our story begins in 1650, when Oliver Cromwell launched his invasion of Scotland. On this fateful year the invasion resulted in the capture of Edinburgh Castle following a thee month siege. From this moment on, residents of the castle and the surrounding area made reports of spooky sightings. In the dead of night, or at dawn or dusk, the distant sound of drumming was frequently heard reverberating around the fortress of the castle.

No one has quite been able to figure out what or who the source of the noise is, but legend has it that the noise belongs to one of Edinburgh's most infamous phantoms: the Headless Drummer Boy. Although his identity and reason for decapitation are still unclear, we know that he made his first appearance after the castle siege in 1650.

If you ever come across this spooky entity, be careful. It is said that his presence foretells imminent disaster for the castle. It has been many centuries since the castle came under any form of attack, which perhaps explains why our infamous phantom has not been spotted in a while. There are still times, during the quieter moments in the day when the tourists have dissipated, where the unmistakable sound of drums can be heard. Emanating from all directions, no mortal drummer can be seen or found.

This occasional happening serves as an eerie reminder that although the drummer remains unseen, he is never far away, continuing his vigil over the castle and its city.