Folklore Friday - The Ghosts of Culloden

Folklore Friday - The Ghosts of Culloden
By Sophie 10 months ago 718 Views 2 comments

The Battle of Culloden was bloody and ferocious, and left behind many ghostly spirits. It was the final battle to take place on British soil, and was over in just under an hour, as the weary, tired and hungry Jacobite soldiers succumbed to the power of their opposition.

It is rumored that 'anniversary ghosts' return to haunt the battlefield on 16 April, making distinct battle cries, and the unmistakable clashes of swords echo across the moor. Visions of ghosts have also been seen near the graves of fallen Jacobites, including a tartan-clad solider lying injured on the ground.

It's also believed that birds never sing around the exact site of the battle.

Anne 10 months ago at 03:14
any pictures of Clan Cameron memorials/grave stones at the battleground?
Sophie 10 months ago at 10:00
Hi Anne, thanks for getting in touch! As there are many Clans that have grave stones at the battleground, we weren't able to squeeze them all into this article! But a quick google search should see you find the image you're looking for!