Folklore Friday - The Ghost Road

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Stretching along through Dumfries & Galloway, the A75 is said to be one of the most haunted roads in Scotland. There are frequent and unusual occurrences and the occasional UFO

With strange occurrences reported regularly, this notorious road is accustomed to strange happenings. Several eye witnesses have accounted for roadside phantoms and spectral stagecoaches. While other peculiar happenings along this vast stretch of road are common.

For over 50 years, spooky tales about the happenings along this road have been told. The most famous of all was a report from 1962, where Lory driver Derek and Norman Ferguson were driving along the A75 at around midnight. A large hen flew towards them, but just as it was about to hit their windscreen it vanished into thin air. Further along their trip they saw a mysterious furniture van which swerved across the road and they also reported seeing other animals such as cats and wild-looking dogs, all of which disappeared right in front of their eyes.

Others have witnessed visions of screaming hags, parades of people crossing the road, horses and carriages, flickers of gruesome creatures and possible UFOs.

Why not drive along the road and see what happens? You can also investigate all of the hauntings and mysterious happenings in the area with a tour from 'Mostly Ghostly' who are Dumfries & Galloway's specialist paranormal team.