Folklore Friday - Scotland's Most Haunted Castle

Folklore Friday - Scotland's Most Haunted Castle
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It's one of the most haunted castles in Scotland, Fraser Castle gained fame when it was investigated by TV's Most Haunted. It is most famous for being haunted by the ghost of a princess who is known to have been murdered during her stay at the castle.

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Built to a traditional 'Z' shape, Fraser Castle is one of the most elaborate Scottish castles. Standing in Aberdeenshire, the castle grounds are over 300 acres of landscaped grounds, woodland and farmland. There is even a walled kitchen garden.

The castle was built in 1575 by Michael Fraser, the 6th Laird of Fraser. Completed in 1636, the building was a joint creation between a master mason John Bell and a Thomas Leiper. Bell's connection to the project can be seen on a panel on the northern side of the castle which has the words 'I Bel' written on it.

By the 1700s, Castle Fraser came under construction again, where it was modernised. A new entrance and sash windows were added throughout the castle. Elyza Fraser, the lady laird, was responsible for this building work, as well as the landscaping of the grounds. During it's lifetime, Fraser Castle has supported both Jacobite Uprisings. It's location, however meant that it managed to be spared from any involvement in the battles.

The castle continued to be owned and inhabited by the Frasers until 1921. At this point it was bought by the 1st Viscount Cowdray for his son, Clive Pearson. Extensive restoration work took place. In 1976, the castle was finally given to the National Trust for Scotland in 1976.

Not only has Fraser castle see it's fair share of residents, it is also known to inhabit it's fair share of ghosts. The most famous ghostly resident is a princess who was staying at the castle. She was sleeping in the Green Room, when she was brutally murdered. Her body was dragged down the stone staircase, leaving a trail of blood. No matter how hard the castle's inhabitants tried to remove the blood stains, they never managed to get rid of them. Today the stairs are covered with wooden paneling, covering the signs of the poor princess's untimely death. Although evidence of her horrible end was covered up, residents of the castle over the years have reported spotting her ghosts, wandering throughout the castle.

Other signs of ghostly activity have been reported by modern day visitors, who state they heard piano music, mysterious voices and whispers coming from the empty hall. Other witnesses claim to have seen the ghost of Lady Blanche Drummond, who died at the castle in 1874. The reports state she was spotted, wearing a long black gown, and that she liked to wander the castle grounds and the castle staircases.

Kitchen staff who have worked in the castle reported hearing the sound of children laughing and singing, but found there were no children present at the castle.

Although the castle has a spooky side, it has also seen it's fair share of TV appearances. It was investigated by TV's Most Haunted as well as being used as a backdrop for some scenes in the BAFTA Golden Globe and Academy Award winning film, 'The Queen'. If you want to make a visit to this famous castle, you can pop in between Easter and October. Perhaps you will spot a ghost or two on your visit.