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Christmas Dinner, Scots Style!

Christmas Dinner, Scots Style!
By Sophie

With Christmas coming, it's never to early to prepare! Here in Scotland, Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the day. We go all out and ensure everyone is stuffed full to the brim. We take pride in celebrating this magical time of year, and this celebration of food is no different.

In Scotland, we like to go the whole hogg and get our turkey orders in months in advance. Dinner kicks off between 1pm and 4pm. For starters, we have cock-a-leekie soup, a concoction of fowl, leeks, rice, prunes, bacon, and a touch of seasoning, including brown sugar. Then it's onto the main course! To accompany the turkey, we surround it with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, stuffing (sausagemeat, sage and onion, chestnut), pigs in blankets or kilted pigs (chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon), Brussels sprouts, carrots, peas, gravy, bread sauce and cranberry sauce! As if that wasn't enough, there's also dessert, which consists of Christmas pudding, Cloutie dumpling, and scotch trifle.

This monstrous meal takes up hours of the day, as families sit around and enjoy the Christmas cheer together with games in between courses. This event is heavily awaited and anticipated throughout the year, and the one day families come together to celebrate.

As Christmas is not too far away, what better time to start thinking about how you will dress your table to serve this traditional meal in true Scots style! Here, we look at 7 ways to add a touch of heritage to your Christmas dinner.

1. Tartan Table Cloths

Add a touch of heritage to your dining table with a tartan table cloth. For a traditional look, opt for a rectangular shaped cloth. Show off your heritage by opting for your clan tartan, or choose a tartan that will match the colour of your dining room. Take a look at our Rectangular Tartan Table Cloth here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/rectangular-tartan-tablecloth-various/

For an alternative look, opt for a square table cloth and drape over your table diagonally for an arty look. Take a look at our Square Table Cloth here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/square-tartan-tablecloth-various/

2. Tartan Table Runners

If you want to add tartan, but still want to show off your table, opt for a tartan table runner. This will add a touch of heritage, to your Christmas dinner, without being overwhelming. Accessorise with bright cutlery and crockery to set the look or place some candles or flowers, matching the colours of your tartan, in the center. Take a look at our Tartan Table Runners here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/tartan-table-runner-various/

3. Tartan Napkins

If you aren't quite brave enough to go all out with a tartan table cloth, tartan napkins are the way to go. Adding a pop of colour to your Christmas dinner table, these handy napkins can be washed and reused, making them great value purchases. Set the table with a plain table cloth and mono colour crockery to really highlight the pattern of the tartan napkins. Or simply set the table with no table cloth and really draw attention to the napkins. Fold artistically, or add a sprig of mistletoe for a festive touch. Take a look at our Tartan Napkins here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/tartan-napkins/

4. Celtic Coasters

If you're not a fan of tartan, but you're keen to add a touch of heritage to your Christmas dinner table, opt for our Celtic Coasters. These beautifully designed pewter coasters come with a traditional Celtic pattern. Take a look at them here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/set-of-4-celtic-coasters-on-stand/

5. Stag Antler Bottle Opener

Open your bottles with this truly magnificent bottle opener, guaranteed to impress your guests this Christmas. As the bottle opener is made from natural materials the colour markings vary and are different every time, making this a truly unique product. This is a last chance item, so make sure you're quick before they're all gone: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/stag-antler-handled-bottle-opener/

6. Clan Crest Wine and Shot Glasses

Another way to add a touch of heritage to your Christmas dinner table, without adding tartan, is to opt for a Clan Crest Wine glass. Choose your clan and be the talking point of the afternoon with these beautifully designed glasses: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/clan-crest-wine-glass/

We also offer Clan Crest Dram Glasses, for that tipple of Whiskey or something else, later in the evening. Take a look at these beautiful glasses here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/clan-crest-whisky-glass-9oz/


7. Tartan Candle Decorations

Try this simple Christmas decoration to add a touch of heritage to your table. Simply tie tartan ribbon around a tall pillar candle and place in the center of your table. Add some sprigs of holy for an extra festive touch. Check our our tartan ribbon options here: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/multisearch?multi_search=ribbon