A Scottish Wedding - Marcie and Daniel

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Today we bring you the second article, in our series, of featured Scottish Weddings. The best part is we're looking at you guys, our fabulous customers, and featuring your special days. We love to see how we've helped to shape your Scottish Weddings. This week we're hearing from the lovely Marcie and Daniel! They had a gorgeous winter wedding in the stunning Rocky Mountains and in this article they tell us all about it...

A Scottish Halloween

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Halloween is here, take a look at our list of spooky Scottish Halloween traditions and games to get yourself in the spirit.

6 Ways To Introduce Tartan To Your Home

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It's a bit late in the year for a spring clean, but if you're looking for ways to update your interiors without the effort, look no further!

We're looking at 6 ways you can introduce tartan to your home.

Sashes, Stoles, Shawls, Serapes – What's the Difference?

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This week, we are looking at the differences between sashes, stoles. shawls and serapes. These products are a great way to add a touch of tartan into your wardrobe, or to represent your clan in a subtle, yet stylish, way.

My Best Friends Wedding

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Calling all Maids of Honour and Best Men. Here, we show you how to introduce a splash of tartan to your Best Friend's Wedding.

Movie Star Dressing - 1990s V 1960s

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It is the battle of the movie stars.

1960s screen sirens going head to head with 1990s film cult classics. But who will be triumphant on the style front?

Good morning interiors

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There is no better way to start a day than peeling back your peepers and looking at something pretty.

Dreams are made of bedrooms full of soft tactile decor or jazzy printed fabric.

Throws over antique chairs to cuddle up in, with a great book, or beautiful hand crafted materials stretched over king sized duvets.

It's a nice day for a cashmere wedding

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Attention all brides, the cashmere wedding is having a moment. Oversized knits slung over slinky dresses, tactile wraps around beautiful bridesmaids or piles of ply thick blankets draped on chairs to keep guests cozy. It's a mixture of pure luxury with a hint of coolness that is proving potent with wedding parties.

​Two Kilts Six Ways.

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Ever wondered how to wear a mini or a midi kilt? Wonder no more. This is a battle of two clans, Stewart Royal Dress V Menzies Black and White. One short. One long. Let the battle commence.

Editor's Letter - The Beginnings Edition

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I love the beginning. There is always an air of anticipation attached to it. The thought something truly great could happen.

This months theme is all about beginnings. From building the perfect outfit from one foundation garment, the kilt of course, to kitting out your wedding party in cashmere on the day you start the rest of your married life.

We’ll be wrapping your head around the origins of heritage, chatting to our very own Scotweb Director about the beginnings of an internet company at the inception of the dot com plus showing you the best way to start your day - via dreamy interiors to look at as soon as you peel back your peepers.

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