Bagpipes... 20 Fun Facts

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Think you know everything there is to know about Bagpipes? Think again...

We've got 20 fun facts about the famous instrument to test your knowledge.

The Story of Fast Castle

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Last weekend we took a trip to the gorgeous Berwickshire countryside. We stopped to get our fix of Scottish history at Fast Castle, the ruined remains of a coastal fortress. Upon first sight, this dramatic location brings up all sorts of questions. From who once lived within Fast Castle's walls, to why and how it had come to be in this gruesome state.

The Cowal Highland Gathering

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The Cowal Highland Gathering is one of the most impressive highland game tournaments in the world. Held in Dunoon, Argyll, it is the single, largest gathering in Scotland and boasts all sorts of events.

The Kirkcudbright Riding of the Marches

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On the 14th July, the Kirkcudbright Riding of the Marches took place. With more than 100 horses, this spectacle is not one to be missed! We take a look at the event and the history that surrounds this unique tradition.

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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One of the most iconic Edinburgh institutions, this sellout event occurs annually and marks the opening of the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A mixture of music, dance and precision display with pipes and drums, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is not something to be missed. No Military Tattoo would be complete without Massed Military Bands, cultural troupes, singers and the iconic Lone Piper against a stunning Edinburgh Castle backdrop.