The world's first colour photograph

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Did you know that the world's first colour photograph was created by James Clerk Maxwell and featured a piece of tartan? Read more about this groundbreaking scientist here...

Tartan Tuesdays - The Urquhart Clan

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Forget Throwback Thursdays, here at Scotweb, we're doing Tartan Tuesdays! This week we look at the Urquhart Tartan and learn about the history of the clan

St Piran's Day

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In a sea of Black, white and gold, Cornwall locals and visitors alike will march together in a procession to celebrate St Piran. This traditional march, held annually on the 5th March, sees participants parade across the sand dunes to St Piran's Oratory, and the later medieval church, while songs and stories of the saint are performed at different points along the journey.

St David's Day

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The annual celebration of St David's day, on the 1st of March, is a time for the welsh and welsh-at-heart to come together to celebrate the patron saint of Wales, as well as everything Welsh. Many people pin a daffodil or leek to their clothes as a symbol of the celebration, with many adults and children alike donning traditional costumes.