Folklore Friday - The Fachan

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Here at Scotweb, we're looking at Scottish myths, legends and folk tales. For this week's Folklore Friday, we look at The Fachan.

A nod to Alloa

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The Alloa Half Marathon is more than just a running event. For 35 years, it has provided it's runners an outlet to raise money for charities close to their hearts and to achieve personal running goals. Encouraged by the organisers, runners can tell their stories, enriching other racers. Take a look on the Alloa Half Marathon facebook page for some heartwarming and inspiring stories.

As if this wasn't enough reason to visit this picturesque Scottish town, we've compiled a short selection of interesting facts about Alloa throughout history.

Folklore Friday - The Boobrie

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Here at Scotweb, we're looking at Scottish myths, legends and folk tales. For this week's Folklore Friday, we look at The Boobrie.

St Patrick's Day

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On the 17th of March, the Irish and Irish-at-heart will don green attire, and shamrocks, and take to the pubs and bars to celebrate St Patrick's Day! From formal banquets and gatherings to street parades and pub trips, everyone celebrates this famous day differently. The concept, however, remains the same - to have fun and celebrate everything Irish!

Wool Culture at the Dornoch Fibre Fest

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For the eighth year running, Dornoch will hold their annual Fibre Festival. A celebration of all things woolly and knitted, Fiber Fest is a chance for knitting lovers and wool fans to come together. From classes in spinning, felting, knitting and tweed handbag-making, the weekend is sure to be a busy one! You can even take part in the cushion competition, where you can used mixed-media to compete with your very own unique cushion design. With Hobbycraft vouchers and a special prize from the Shetland Sheep Society up for grabs, make your cushion ideas a reality now!

The world's first colour photograph

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Did you know that the world's first colour photograph was created by James Clerk Maxwell and featured a piece of tartan? Read more about this groundbreaking scientist here...

St Piran's Day

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In a sea of Black, white and gold, Cornwall locals and visitors alike will march together in a procession to celebrate St Piran. This traditional march, held annually on the 5th March, sees participants parade across the sand dunes to St Piran's Oratory, and the later medieval church, while songs and stories of the saint are performed at different points along the journey.

St David's Day

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The annual celebration of St David's day, on the 1st of March, is a time for the welsh and welsh-at-heart to come together to celebrate the patron saint of Wales, as well as everything Welsh. Many people pin a daffodil or leek to their clothes as a symbol of the celebration, with many adults and children alike donning traditional costumes.