The Loch Ness International Knitting Festival

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As September draws to an end, the autumn months are well on their way. The air is cooling and it is the perfect time for warm knitted jumpers and cosy cashmere sweaters. It is also the perfect time for Loch Ness to hold it's annual International Knit Festival.

The Invercharron Highland Games

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As the leaves begin to turn orange and fall from the trees, and the nights draw darker and colder, we suddenly find ourselves in the Autumn months. Throughout the summer, athletes, dancers and pipers have been battling it out to be crowned the champion and soon these winners will be realised. September signals the end of the annual Scottish Highland Games and we see the final games take place, this Saturday, in Invercharron – a picturesque landscape of craggy mountains separated by the sublime river Kyle. These traditional sporting events are widely celebrated throughout Scotland, and have existed since the dawn of the 11th century.