Editor's Letter - The Beginnings Edition

By Lynne McCrossan 2 years ago 585 Views

I love the beginning. There is always an air of anticipation attached to it. The thought something truly great could happen.

This months theme is all about beginnings. From building the perfect outfit from one foundation garment, the kilt of course, to kitting out your wedding party in cashmere on the day you start the rest of your married life.

We’ll be wrapping your head around the origins of heritage, chatting to our very own Scotweb Director about the beginnings of an internet company at the inception of the dot com plus showing you the best way to start your day - via dreamy interiors to look at as soon as you peel back your peepers.

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Our new house tartan

By Nick Fiddes 2 years ago 2212 Views 10 comments

Do you like our new tartan? As I write, this is a temporary computer-generated image from our tartan design systems. But a length of real plaid in this pattern is on the looms right now, so soon we'll be replacing this with a photo, in all its glory

It's the first in our new Scotweb tartan family: called House of Merchiston. (Well, I live in a house, in the Merchiston district of Edinburgh, and it has a nice ring to it.)

We've been meaning to create our own 'house' tartan for, well, forever. So the launch of our new CLAN site seemed like a good opportunity to do it for real.

​The History of Tartan

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If anyone was asked to name five iconic things about Scotland, tartan or kilts are bound to be one of the things mentioned. Here is a very brief overview of this beautiful and historical fabric that has, without a doubt, become one of the most important symbols of Scotland and Scottish Heritage.

Tartan is a woven material, generally of wool, that has stripes of different colours; that vary in breadth. An assortment of coloured yarns are arranged in a unique pattern that, when woven, become the "sett". This "set" comprises of a series of squares, intersected with stripes and is repeated over and over again to make up a length of tartan.

Good morning interiors

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There is no better way to start a day than peeling back your peepers and looking at something pretty.

Dreams are made of bedrooms full of soft tactile decor or jazzy printed fabric.

Throws over antique chairs to cuddle up in, with a great book, or beautiful hand crafted materials stretched over king sized duvets.

Johnstons of Elgin

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Johnstons of Elgin sits perched on the banks of the River Lossie nestled deep in Scottish countryside. For over two centuries they have built a reputation as the experts in cashmere and fine woollens

The Gift Guide

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1. Clan Crest Plaid Brooch

Clan Crest: Stewart

Stone Colour: Topaz Yellow https://www.scotweb.co.uk/products/clan-crest-plai...

Beginning of a garment

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Crafting a Garment:

What really goes into the creation of your made-to-measure garment? Each and every part of the process is handled by a highly skilled human being. The majority of those making your special new pieces of clothing come from small family businesses, who have passed their skills and trade through generations and are true artisans.

In this multi-part series we will explore in more detail just what considerations are put into your garment before you place your order, through you placing the order and the garment arriving with you. A chance to get a behind the scenes look at how garments are made from start to finish.

It's a nice day for a cashmere wedding

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Attention all brides, the cashmere wedding is having a moment. Oversized knits slung over slinky dresses, tactile wraps around beautiful bridesmaids or piles of ply thick blankets draped on chairs to keep guests cozy. It's a mixture of pure luxury with a hint of coolness that is proving potent with wedding parties.

Scotweb 1995-2016 - our story

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No one knows how many sites exist on the web today. Well over a billion.

They numbered only in the hundreds in 1993 when I set up my first server at Edinburgh University. I was lecturing in Anthropology, and mine was probably the world's first environmental-awareness site.

By 1995, there was still no Google, eBay, or Amazon. But I'd a hunch this clever Internet thing might go somewhere. And the joy of growing piles of marking was waning.

One day, I attended a seminar about Scots abroad. It blew my mind.

Who knew there were ten times more Scots outside Scotland than inside? Or that half of all US presidents had Scottish blood? Or, curiously, that unlike the Irish, Italians, or Chinese we hadn't clustered, but spread out, quietly working hard and prospering? In fact Scots are one of North America's most economically successful immigrant groups.

So, thinks: if you live in the US Mid-West (for example) and are discovering your Scottish ancestry, where would you find your tartan? Hmmm... an idea was forming...

​Two Kilts Six Ways.

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Ever wondered how to wear a mini or a midi kilt? Wonder no more. This is a battle of two clans, Stewart Royal Dress V Menzies Black and White. One short. One long. Let the battle commence.