A Scottish Wedding - Jenn and Tim

A Scottish Wedding - Jenn and Tim
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Today we're excited to bring you the first article, in our series, of featured Scottish Weddings. The best part is we're looking at you guys, our fabulous customers, and featuring your special days. We love to see how we've helped to shape your Scottish Weddings. From work friends to husband and wife, we take a look at Jenn and Tim's story...

What is your name and your spouse's name?

Tim and Jenn Johnson

How did you meet?

We met at a hockey game. We both work for the same company, but in different departments and we were both at the game with work friends.

Tell us about the proposal!

He purposed on our 6th month anniversary when he came to pick me up at work (he said he didn't want to wait any longer).

When and where did you get married?

We got married on Jun 17th, 2006, in Fernwood Bedeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

What made you decide to have a Scottish Wedding?

We both have family that came over from Scotland and we have strong Scottish ties.

How did you do incorporate Scottish tradition into the day?

I got Tim a full wedding outfit, from Scotweb, in his family tartan. It was my wedding gift to him.

What did you both wear?

I wore a regular wedding dress and the groomsmen all wore kilts as well.

What was your first dance to?

Our first dance was to 'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole, but we did have a piper at the wedding too. I walked down the aisle to 'Highland Cathedral'.

What was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part was marrying my best friend.

What would be your advice for anyone who is planning a Scottish Wedding?

My advice would be: do your research and do WHAT YOU WANT. Don't let anyone else tell you what you should or shouldn't have at your wedding. It's your day (both of yours' day!) Do what makes both of you happy. Don't let family tell you that you can't do something if you want it at your wedding. We left out things (like handfasting) that we wanted to do, but we were told that since we weren't "in" Scotland we shouldn't be doing it. Don't make the same mistake.

We're so pleased you were able to celebrate your day with a Scottish touch Jenn and Tim! We wish you nothing but the best for the future.

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