Heritage and Culture

A Festival and Music and Malt

By Sophie

From the 26th of May, on the beautiful island of Islay, a unique celebration of Malt and Music will take place! Journey West this year, to the Southern Hebrides, to visit Feis Ile and receive a warm welcome. With songs, poetry, piping, delicious food and Gaelic song classes, it will certainly be a day to remember.

Held on the last week of May every year, this year the festival celebrates its fourteenth anniversary.

From ceilidhs and golf, to Gaelic lessons and, of course, Whisky tasting, this exciting celebration of all things Scottish will leave you with a smile. What's more, you can enjoy the gorgeous views on offer!

The first essence of a festival began in 1984, when the local community of Islay grew concerned for the slow depletion of the Gaelic language and culture. Keen to revive and promote this ancient language, they set to work and the first ever Gaelic Drama Festival took place.

Evolving as part of the Drama Festival, Feis Ile has grown as the years have passed. Adding workshops for traditional instruments such as the fiddle, flute and tin whistle were the first additions to this ever-growing festival and from here, it has only expanded.

More about the Isle...

Of all the Inner Hebridean Islands, Islay is the most southern. Along with it's neighboring island, Jura, it is known for its Whisky. There are numerous distilleries along the island that produce Islay's distinct, peaty malt. With just over 3,000 residents, this small island does well to have a total of eight distilleries.

The wildlife and breathtaking scenery are just as much an attraction on Islay as the distilleries with bird watching being a popular activity throughout the year.

If you are visiting Scotland, why not take a trip to Islay and take in all it has to offer! If you aren't visiting, then make sure you stit down to a Whisky this weekend in a toast to the beautiful Island!