Zoomorphic Fully Engraved Dress Sporran with Black Rabbit Front

This distinguished, black rabbit sporran is set apart by the engraving along the sides of the cantle; a feature unique to this sporran.


  • Unique engraving along sides of cantle
  • Exquisitely detailed and finished to the highest standards
  • Black Rabbit front
  • Pewter cantle and cone tassels
  • Handmade in Scotland
  • Celtic engraving on tassels
  • Free Chain Strap

Luxurious, exquisite and carefully handcrafted, this sporran features the finest materials and detailed engraving. The engraving continues along the sides of the cantle, which is a unique feature. The extremely rare and difficult technique, of engraving the sides of the cantle, has been mastered by our suppliers and is exhibited to perfection on the suede lined sporran.

The detailed and classic zoomorphic engraving (animal and bird designs) are continued in the same exquisite Celtic style in bands around the cone shaped tassels. The tassels are rolled, a subtle difference from the traditional fringe tassels, which creates a sophisticated look.

Suitable for formal occasionans, the sporran is best accompanied with a Prince Charlie outfit or can provide a classic finish to a more casual Argyll or Braemar jacket.

This sporran comes with a free chain strap.

Additional Information

Dimensions 24 x 20 cm
Nationality Scottish
Budget Luxury
Emblem Celtic design
Formality Formal

About Black Isle Pewter

Black Isle Pewter is a specialist artisanal sporran maker who produces each piece by hand on a bespoke individual basis. Uniquely, Black Isle Pewter sporrans carry engraving not only on the front of the cantle, but also around its rim, making this one of the most distinctive and beautiful sporrans available. Every item is hand-made in Scotland.

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