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Why do colour shades of tartans vary?
Nick Fiddes 21 Jun 2016

The colour of tartan fabric can often vary (sometimes greatly) from what you expect compared to a previous sample of the ’same’ tartan, or what you’ve seen on a computer display. There are many reasons why this will always be so, some of which we explain below. But first, we nee......

Fabrics: minimum lengths
Nick Fiddes 21 Jun 2016

You can order as little as one metre (about one yard) of most tartans and other fabrics that are available from stock. But as the length you order rises, the price will fall - signfificantly for commercial volumes....

About DC Dalgliesh
Nick Fiddes 21 Jun 2016

There are few industries left where speed and scale are not celebrated. Bigger, faster, stronger is now the way of the world. But not the whole world. There are a band of champions, few in number, who fiercely protect the values upon which all industry was once built - authenticity, quality and i......

How is Harris Tweed made?
Nick Fiddes 22 Jun 2016

Harris Tweed’s characteristic natural hues and rich textures are appreciated all over the world. But few people really know how that wonderful and instantly recognisable look comes about.  So on my recent trip to the Hebrides (accompanied by my glamorous personal assistant) ......

Tartan production: professional services
Admin User 23 Jun 2016

If you need more flexibility, liaison, and control than our standard weaving production process allows, we can provide a full professional tartan design and production process. This will generally incur surcharges on top of our standard published pricing, which will depend on the nature of a......

Video: DC Dalgliesh tartan mill
Admin User 23 Jun 2016


Video: The Making of Harris Tweed
Admin User 22 Jun 2016

See how Harris Tweed is produced to this day, from raw fleece to its only ever being woven on hand-looms in the homes of the islanders of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Our step-by-step video reveals the ancient skills and dedication to quality that gives this natural fabric ......

Kilting (or 'natural') selvedge
Admin User 26 Jun 2016

A properly made traditional kilt should ideally use a fabric woven with a Kilting Selvedge. This means that instead of being manufactured on the high-speed looms that produce cheaper bulk materials, the tartan is woven on a shuttle loom. This slower process gives the kilt its distinctive cleanly ......

8 Items