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The graphic and textual elements of this web site are protected by copyright and any unauthorised use is an infringement of that legal copyright. This includes all web pages and facilities found under any Scotweb site’s top level domain, including pages not accessed from the main page or index pages.

All design elements, textual content, and coding of this web site are copyright (c) Scotweb Marketing Ltd.

We reserve all rights to all original technologies and will seek legal redress and damages from anyone found to be infringing our exclusive rights.

All our original content is available to third parties for re-publication on a licensed basis. Unless otherwise negotiated, this will be charged at a rate of £1 (one pound UK) per word or per image, per hard copy published or per online page impression. Use of any element of our work in any form without our prior written consent will be deemed legal acceptance of these licensing conditions, and we reserve the right to reclaim any payments due through legal action, based on our reasonable estimates of circulation where no firm evidence is made available to us, with no time limit and no maximum fee.

In the case of computer code, any unauthorised use or re-transmission of our original work or technology, on or via any web site or medium other than our own, will be deemed to be legal acceptance of our default licensing terms. These are based on a fee of Ten Pounds Sterling payable for each and every usage instance (e.g. user session) that makes use of our technology or original work or any part thereof which by your actions you effect or encourage or enable to be effected by third parties without our written permission. As part of this legal contract established by any such unauthorised usage, you further agree to deliver to us within seven days, on demand, all available relevant server statistics or other relevant evidence in unedited form to enable the calculation of such fees, which will be paid to us in full within one calendar week of the end of each month for the duration of such use.

By using this site you are deemed to be aware of and accepting these terms, and agree that any action concerning this contract will be held under Scottish law.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services.


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