Abuse policy

By using our site or services, you agree not to take any action that might reasonably be considered offensive or abusive - whether towards other site users, or towards our staff. Such abuse might include deliberate or inadvertent infringement of other people’s intellectual property (similar tartan designs, names, etc.); the use of obscene or offensive language; the use of names implying an official status not approved by the body in question; or any other abuse we might identify, at our sole discretion.

Scotweb reserves the right to take any action we deem necessary to protect this facility from perceived abuse. We have implemented a reporting facility in certain areas which any member can use to report a design they consider inappropriate. If we consider the complaint justified, we then have the ability to edit or delete that entry, delete all entries by that user, delete a user account, or various other potential responses.

We believe these powers should rarely have to be used. Common sense is all that is required. Please review our guidance and Full Terms, and there should be no cause for problems.

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