Tartans: choose by colour, or match colour

Many people like to wear a tartan with historical or family meaning to them. But it is also fine to choose a tartan just because you like its look.

Perhaps you just suit the colour blue… or want to match another piece of furniture. We make it easy! Our world-leading Tartan and Material finder now lets you find tartans by color, from the Select Shades filters in tour Tartan Finder.

How to Search Tartans by Colour

Select up to four colours you’d like to include. Select your shades in the best order you’d like… e.g. if you’d like your tartan to be predominantly blue, select blue as the first menu option.  

Remember that tartan colours are sometimes named differently than you might expect… “ancient red” looks orange; “ancient green” or “ancient blue” can look almost brown. Some purples may look blue to some eyes, or vice versa. And so on. So try a few alternatives as you search.

If you are very clear about the colors you want to include, you can also choose to exclude shades you do not want, or to limit the search to return tartans including only the colours you’ve listed and no others. You will find tools to let you do this by clicking the More Options link in the color selection area.

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