Tartans: family or group names

The first way in which we organise and sub-divide our huge choice of tartans is by Family Name. But note that the word ‘family’ here could refer to almost any form of grouping.

This will often be literally a family surname (or clan) such as Macdonald or Stewart. But it could equally be a company or organisation name; or a geographic place name such as a city, state, county, or district; or many other possibilities.

So even if you cannot find your own surname, there are many other families to which you might belong, including those of your forebears (e.g. grandparents’ surnames) or places or organisations. It is usually fine to wear a tartan to honour any of these… even if you feel belong to them only in spirit.

Also, note that names can often be spelled in many different ways, whilst still belonging to the same broad family. We try to suggest alternative possibilities where we can. But if you are confused, just ask!

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