Recent or Selected Fabrics

To help you find products in your favourite fabrics or tartans, our site remembers ones you’ve looked at. For example, when browsing the store, you may see icons indicating products or departments with items in your “Selected” fabric.

Your Selected fabric is the most recent material or design that you have either:

  • put into your shopping basket as a product; or
  • viewed the Full Details for in the Tartan & Fabric Finder; or
  • viewed ‘Products Available In…” for in the Tartan & Fabric Finder

Similarly, when exploring materials in the Tartan & Fabric Finder, you will notice a tab showingRecent fabrics, as an alternative to starting a new Search. (It may even be the default tab that first appears.) This will usually list all tartans or fabrics you have recently viewed, by any of the above conditions.

Your computer will normally remember these settings for up to a month or so. But you will always find a link nearby to let you clear or delete any stored fabrics if you prefer.

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