Find products in your tartan

We offer two main ways to find tartan items:

  1. Select a tartan, then see products are available in it;
  2. Select a product, then see what tartans it is available in.

Fabrics route

To select your tartan first, use our main Tartan & Fabric Finder (there's a Fabrics link in the top navigation bar) You can browse alphabetically. But it is usually best to Search, to easily see other tartans those of your name may wear.(This will also work via the main site search bar in the header.)

View products in this design button

At any stage of browsing the Tartan Finder, you can choose to View Products in any tartan design. Note that this gives you a full product listing available in a tartan or tweed design in multiple palettes from multiple mills, so the shades of all actual fabrics may not match exactly.

Products route 

Alternatively, as you browse products, many are described as e.g. “Cashmere Scarf in 55 tartans”. When you click the ‘Choose Tartan’ or ‘Choose Options’ button on any such product, you will be shown a reduced version of the Tartan Finder with only those patterns available for that product.


Finally, if in doubt, please just Contact Us for help. Our customer service team is here to advise you in any way you need.

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