Fabrics: weight

Most of our fabrics are described both with their ‘actual’ weight (e.g. 13oz) and their weight category (e.g. medium weight). These will be suitable for different purposes. If in doubt, just ask us.

The weight categories are in five bands: 

Heavy Weight (16-19oz); 

  • Medium Weight (11-15oz); 
  • LightWeight (9-10oz);
  • Spring Weight (6-8oz); and 
  • Feather Weight (under 6oz).

A man’s kilt would normally be made in Medium or Heavy weight, though Light Weight kilts are possible.

A ladies’ skirt would usually be in Light or Medium weight, though heavy is possible.

Accessories such as scarves or hats are often made of Light weight materials.

Silk is of course feather weight.

The Actual Weight refers to its theoretical linear measurement. It is more useful to consider this arelative guide compared to other fabrics rather than an actual one.

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