Tartan Designer: blank sheet or modify official tartan?

There are several ways to start designing. You can:

  1. Start from scratch
  2. Modify an officially recorded tartan
  3. Modify someone else's design
  4. Modify a design you've already saved 


Tartan designer menu

Start a brand new design

The simplest way to start designing a new tartan is with a clean sheet. Click the ‘Start New Design’ button on the Gallery tab, or else just click on the Design tab.

You will then find the main Design tools with nothing pre-selected, so you can start a fresh tartan creation.

Find designs in the Gallery

Browse or Search our Gallery to explore 

  1. officially recorded tartans, or 
  2. designs created by other users, or 
  3. your own saved designs.

You can load any into the Design area to modify. The Tartan Search facility allows you to find tartans by name from any of these sections. And Advanced search options will also let you find existing tartans by colour, the screen name of their designer, or other criteria.

When you find a tartan you want, you can load it and make changes, and then save your own modified version. Any changes you make will not affect the original design, but only your own version.

Load an officially recorded tartan

You may load any tartan from our database of thousands of tartans recorded by the Scottish Register of Tartans.

Any changes you make will not affect the original design, but only your own version which you can then save under a different name.

Please note our rules and recommendations concerning the use and abuse of exising designs, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

Load a design you’ve saved

If you have previously saved one or more designs, you can load and modify them further. First you need to make sure you are logged in to the site, which is done in the top-right of any page.

Once you have logged in, your previous designs will be found both within the Gallery tab of the Tartan Designer, and within the ‘Your Tartan Designs’ area of the Members’ Area, and can be loaded from either.

Any changes you make to an existing design can either be saved to overwrite the original, or else you can ‘Save as New’ to create another design without changing your original one.

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