Tartan Designer: about the CLAN online tartan designer

Our online tartan design facility lets you design your own tartan (also known as a plaid). You can even modify existing tartans officially recorded with the Scottish Register of Tartans. This entire online facility is totally free to use.

The basic process is simple and intuitive, and there is advice all over the site - just click on any small ‘Info’ (i) button you see for help relevant to that area. We also have a professional tartan design service available for a fee, which you can request here. And for serious tartan design projects, we can help you with getting your finished design officially recorded and registered.

The colour palettes on our site are taken from the shades held in stock at DC Dalgliesh, our artisanal tartan mill, where we produce small volume orders. This means what you see on the screen should be quite close to what will be woven if you choose to have fabrics or products made. But we recommend ordering yarn samples in advance as screens never show colours perfectly.

If you wish, we can weave your design as fabric, and also optionally make it into a kilt or into one of our huge choice of garments or other products.

You can save and share your designs with friends or other users, and explore and adapt theirs. Our tool is designed to be easy but powerful, and using it you can produce a design just as sophisticated as a professional tartan design expert, quickly and easily.

Please note that whilst most tartan designs are historic and ‘in the public domain’, others are commercially restricted. A tartan can be trademarked or copyright like any other unique piece of design. Our systems are designed to respect this, to prevent copyright abuse, to protect your own unique creative vision, and to defend our own rights and responsibilities. By using our facilities you are deemed to be accepting our Terms and Conditions so please read these before starting.

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