Spending Scotweb Points

Please note that during our CLAN.com launch period, Scotweb Points can only be redeemed on our old site at scotweb.co.uk

Later in 2018, we expect to transfer our main services to CLAN.com. Any any points balance you have will be transferred to the new site then, with no loss of value. You will be notified to your registered email address when this is complete.


To redeem any points you have earned, simply log-in to your member’s area before shopping.

When you reach the Checkout you will see the value of all points you have available to spend, and you can choose there whether to redeem them on this visit or save them to accumulate further for a special purchase later.

Please note our customer service team is not able to access your Points account. So Scotweb Points cannot be used when ordering by phone.

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