Earning Scotweb Points

We credit you with points just for registering (free) as a Member!

Then with every purchase from any Scotweb Store you earn a generous Points rebate. The points value of each purchase is shown on its description page as well as at the Checkout. These points can be spent once your order has shipped.

You can also earn points by adding ‘affiliate‘ links to our sites on your own homepage for example. These earnings can be claimed as cash or they can be converted to points at an enhanced value. Log-in as a member for full details.

Trade customers or anyone negotiating a special bulk discount will not receive Scotweb Points. And you will not receive Points if you do not enter an email address at the Checkout, as we use this to track your order history.

More ways to earn points will be publicised in the members’ area and mailings from time to time.

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