How Do I Choose a Kilt Outfit?

You've chosen the perfect kilt but now for the hard part: putting together the rest of your kilt outfit! Choosing a traditional Scottish kilt outfit can be a daunting experience. There are so many elements of the outfit to think about, apparent 'rules' on how to wear everything, and seemingly endless variations of each outfit out there. Worry not! We at CLAN are here to help with our quick guide to getting it right first time!

Why are you buying a kilt outfit?

The key thing to think about when choosing a kilt outfit is why you have decided to buy one in the first place. Your choice of kilt outfit will depend on the level of formality you require from it so it's worth working out when you are likely to wear it. Are you simply looking for a chance to connect with your family's heritage? Or are you hoping to swap out that old suit you've worn to too many occasions for something a bit more special?

Another element to consider is how versatile you need your kilt outfit to be. Are you hoping to wear the same outfit to a variety of occasions or are you perhaps the groom-to-be looking for one-off outfit that will make you stand out above the rest?

Choosing your kilt outfit

Kilt outfits are named after the kilt jackets worn with them. Essentially, the kilt jacket will determine what the other elements of your kilt outfit should be so it's the first place you want to start when choosing an outfit. To help you, we've put together a handy little flow chart with recommendations for which kilt outfits to wear to which kinds of occasions. Once you have decided on how formal you need your kilt outfit to be, the rest is down to personal preference. Do you prefer the look of the doublet or the jacket, the Argyll or the Braemar?

You can see our full range of kilt outfits here, but if you'd like some additional guidance on choosing the right kilt outfit and what accessories you should get, take a look at our blog post on choosing the right kilt outfit.

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