About the Kilt Pin

What is a kilt pin?

A kilt pin is an accessory that is used to weigh down the outermost layer of a kilt - known as the apron - to keep the fabric in place.

How did it come to be?

Unlike other aspects of traditional Highland Dress, the kilt pin is a relatively new addition to the ensemble. Though it is not known exactly when the kilt pin was invented, it is widely claimed that it was Queen Victoria that instigated the trend. Some say that one blustery day at Balmoral Castle (the Queen's Scottish residence), Her Majesty was inspecting a Scottish regiment of soldiers when she noticed that one particular soldier was struggling to maintain his modesty as his kilt repeatedly tried to blow up with the wind. The Queen reportedly removed a pin from her clothing and fastened it to the soldier's kilt. Others say that it was in fact her own modesty that she was trying to protect as she took a pin from her hat and used it to weigh down her kilted skirt.

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How do I wear a kilt pin?

The apron of a kilt should be allowed to move freely so that it does not restrict movement and the kilt avoids damage. Because of this, it is important that the kilt pin is fastened on the outer layer only. The pin should be attached on the right hand side of the apron approximately 4 inches from the bottom of the kilt and 2 inches in from the fringed edge.

How do I choose a kilt pin?

A kilt pin can come in a simple safety pin design or can be more stylized - perhaps depicting your clan crest or encrusted with a jewel. The choice is based simply on personal preference and at CLAN we offer a wide variety of kilt pins to suit anyone's taste! Take a look at our full collection of kilt pins here, or see the featured kilt pin here.

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