Our price promise (& matching)

We offer a no-nonsense price-match policy. We regularly monitor competitors’ charges to guarantee that our prices are the lowest available. So if you find the same item advertised cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match that price. Or if you’ve already purchased we’ll refund the difference within seven days of your placing the order.

There are just a few conditions, which we think are quite reasonable:

  • This guarantee applies to genuine branded products only (see below)
  • The comparison must include taxes, shipping, and any other required charges
  • Clearance offers, substandard goods, and short-term sale offers are not included

We also reserve the right to refuse to price-match where we have doubts about the authenticity of the item in question. Unfortunately the Scottish heritage market, including businesses with ‘heritage’ names, is now rife with unscrupulous vendors passing off shoddy imported copycat goods. Some use images of the genuine article (sometimes even stealing our photos!) and misleading or fraudulent labelling.

Our products are all as described, and mostly Made in Scotland of heirloom quality, designed for you to own with pride for many years, using the best materials. They will look and feel superb, giving a far superior experience and impression than third-rate imported copies.

We do not price-match on our own-label goods, because our materials and production quality usually far exceeds those of similar-looking competitors. Our products are top-end, though our prices aren’t. We expertly make the goods locally to rigorous standards, either by our own skilled artisans or else employing the finest producers (who often also make for leading catwalk designers and boutiques). Identical items are found at upscale retailers for several times our price.

So that is our price promise: the very finest products on the market, at the keenest prices you’ll find.

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