Tartan Designer: ordering fabrics

We can weave any tartan you design on our site, normally within about eight weeks.

Larger volume orders can take advantage of deep bulk discounts.

The minimum order is just the length required for a traditional man’s kilt, leaving you some spare fabric for matching accessories!

To order any design in the Gallery, simply load it and then go to the Buy tab. The ordering processs is the same as for any other product. If your purchases do not add up to the minimum order for the fabric required, this will be advised in your Shopping Basket. You can either add more items in the same fabric until you reach the minimum, order the spare material as loose fabric, or proceed to order anyway in case other customers are ordering the same fabric.

You will find your own saved designs in several places. They appear in the Gallery when you are logged in. They also appear in your Members Area. And you will also find them in a special tab of our Fabric Finder when browsing the main web site. Note that you must be logged-in for this to appear.

Once you have placed an order for fabric in any design, its name and pattern will be permanently recorded and these cannot be changed again. (But you can of course re-load it and then save your variation as a new design.)

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