Tartan production: professional services

If you need more flexibility, liaison, and control than our standard weaving production process allows, we can provide a full professional tartan design and production process. This will generally incur surcharges on top of our standard published pricing, which will depend on the nature of additional services required.

If you would like to receive original creative ideas from a authoritative tartan designer, we can provideexpert design service, based on your own brief. This can include an extensive consultation process, with input from one or more of our world-leading panel of tartan advisers.

Corporate purchasers and other specialist users requiring close control over the precise shades recorded and woven may use our ‘Professional’ colour palette which provides a full spectrum to choose from. This also allows you to use more than the usual maximum of six colours in your design (although normally this is not recommended for a harmonious result).

When it comes to production, we can dye yarns to order, and provide samples for approval. Special dying is unlikely to be economic for smaller production runs, but it can be undertaken for an additional fee if required. And this fee might be waived for larger volume purchases. In fact we will be delighted to provide a full liaison and consultation service, to ensure you receive a product that is as close to your requirements as technically possible.

Finally, we enjoy an unrivaled ability to manufacture garments or other products to your particular specifications, whether this be customised clothing or uniforms, furnishing fabrics, accessories, or corporate gifts. We offer a top quality tailoring service in volumes from a single item upwards, with significant discounts for volume purchases. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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