Can I get a sample fabric swatch?

We can provide small sample swatches for most off-the-shelf fabrics. And we normally recommend obtaining one before any major purchase, due to the variability of screen displays and weavings. Swatches vary in size, but are often about 6″x4″ or 15cm x 10cm. However, we cannot usually provide swatches for woven-to-order fabrics.

We have to charge per swatch supplied, to cover our direct costs (not least due to the number of requests for samples we are asked for to be used for decorative or other purposes). Note that the price of one swatch per garment can be deducted from any future purchase of a kilt or other tartan product priced at 100 pounds (ex vat) or more. Also, if you wish to order more than a handful together at once, do ask in advance and we may be able to offer you a multiple purchase discount. (Sorry, but we are unable to discount purchases retrospectively.)

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