What happens if my fabric is out of stock?

It is inevitable that tartan fabrics will occasionally disappear temporarily from stock. Weavers try to predict demand. But a single large order can take all remaining stocks overnight. And that material may then take weeks or months to be rewoven, depending on their schedules.

This can happen with any fabric. But our experience is that it is particularly common with our budget ranges, probably because more specialist materials are generally sold in smaller volumes. We offer you the widest range of fabrics from every possible supplier to give you the maximum choice. But we cannot guarantee actual availability until a firm order is placed and confirmed.

In the event that a fabric you order is out of stock, we will normally offer you several options. For example we may recommend alternative fabrics in the same tartan from other weavers. Or we may be able to suggest alternative tartans that will equally suit your needs. Otherwise we can keep your purchase on back-order if there is no immediate deadline. Or you can, of course, cancel your order entirely.

If you choose to wait until your fabric is available again, and its price rises in the interim, we will honour the original price. But if you choose a substitute tartan that is more expensive than the version you originally ordered, we cannot, unfortunately, offer to pay the difference. Unscheduled delays in availability are a normal part of this business, and all we can do is give you our best advice and let you yourself decide whether to wait, to cancel, or to seek alternatives.

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